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Classic Stick & Rudder Skills for the 21st Century


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UPRT, aerobatics and tailwheel training in Central Oregon.
Flying Eyes

SAW instructors use Flying Eyes optics, sunglasses engineered for headsets.  LEARN MORE


Turn your world upside down with the ultimate thrill ride 

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Our mission at Specialized Aero Works is to provide the best specialty flight training possible. Reducing the number of Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) mishaps, the number one cause of airplane fatalities, is at the top of our priority list. Additionally, we seek to make better all-around pilots through increased “stick-and-rudder” and aeronautical decision making skills. Our highly experienced instructor corps provides training that well exceeds the average. We WILL make you a better pilot! Check out our testimonials

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The pilots and staff at Specialized Aero Works would love to hear from you. For questions, bookings or reservations, send us a message or give us a call.

Tel: (541) 728-3620


 Located at the Red Hangar

63120 Powell Butte Rd.

Bend, OR 97701

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Society of Experimental Test Pilots

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots


Experimental Aircraft Association
Master Instructors, LLC
International Aerobatics Club
International Aerobatic Club
Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
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American Bonanza Society
The Recreational Aviation Foundation
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