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Part 141 training available


​Most CFI spin endorsements unfortunately consist of little to no ground instruction and one flight with one spin to the left and one spin to the right. This is the national average for a spin endorsement and we at Specialized Aero Works find this to be highly inadequate. All CFIs need to have a solid understanding of spins and have proper training with spins and recoveries in order to enhance their safety as well as that of their students. This knowledge and skill with spins also translates to instructors providing much better stall/spin awareness training, something that all pilots must have. Our training far exceeds the FAA standards for the spin training endorsement. The comfort gained from learning 'edge of the envelope' flying and performing multiple spin entries and recoveries makes for a better all-around pilot.


Upon completion the pilot in training should have a well above average knowledge of spins as well as proficiency recovering from different types of spins in a variety of scenarios, both upright and inverted (optional). Instructional techniques and safety measures are also covered. Some homework is required before starting this course.​ Part 141 training is available!


​Commercial pilot license required and completed FAA Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI)  written test is highly encouraged.

4 hours ground and 2-3 flights (2.5 hours flight)​

Cost: $1,400

This course is eligible for FAA Wings credit 

FAA Master wings
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