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Flying a tailwheel airplane demands a pilot master the proper stick and rudder techniques required for takeoffs and landings.  Even if you don't have intentions to fly a tailwheel airplane primarily, tricycle gear pilots can see their landings improve drastically by learning to fly a tailwheel.  Set out to improve your flying skills, regardless of your airplane's gear configuration, and come get a tailwheel endorsement!


At SAW, you get comprehensive tailwheel training. Our tailwheel course consists of 6 hours of ground and 10 hours of flight. We start with a two-hour lecture covering many important aspects of tailwheel flying. One needs to understand the art and science of tailwheel flying in order to develop necessary skills required. To just "get in and go do it" is not the best way to learn real skills. Flying is a mental game, so start with the necessary knowledge that can ensure a long life of fun, and safe, flying. We cover a variety of handling drills and techniques that we find many other instructors do not cover. These drills will help elevate your stick and rudder skills to a new level.


The average time for one to get to proficiency is 8-12 hours. If you are competent in all required maneuvers early, we will refund a portion of the course fee, or you can use some, or all, of the remaining time for some introduction to aerobatic flying (a great deal!). There is no guarantee you will get an endorsement by 10 hours, sometimes it takes a little longer, and that's OK. Proficiency is required per the FARs. Training past 10 flight hours is billed on hourly basis.  We also offer hourly tailwheel training at $320 per hour flight plus $90 per hour for ground.

Our highly experienced instructor pilots (no "time-builders" here) are here to teach you to be a competent and skilled tailwheel pilot, and have a good time doing it. Compare us with the competition and you won't be disappointed. Our instruction is top notch and reasonably priced. Central Oregon flying is year-round, and the weather is hard to beat in the Pacific Northwest. We have experience in many different tailwheel airplane types and can help you learn to fly your airplane. 

Our tailwheel course is approved for FAA Wings program credits. This may qualify you

for insurance discounts with some underwriters.


We can also complete a flight review with your training upon request prior to starting the course. 

For more info on the FAA Wings program, see HERE.

6 hours ground & 10 hours flight
2 hour lecture
0.4-1 hours ground per flight


10 hours of airplane flying in the last 60 days - Recent flying experience will help you greatly when you come to learn tailwheel. Having a break from flying then getting back to it by learning tailwheel is not a good idea. Call if you wish to discuss.

Cost: $3,700

FAA Wings

Tailwheel training on a grass runway.

AFH Ch 14 (TW).png
To get started, we highly recommend you read the Tailwheel chapter in the Airplane Flying Handbook. This chapter is written well and is a great primer for training.
The Compleat Taildragger Pilot.jpg

If you want to get really serious and help your training out even more, get 'The Compleat Taildragger Pilot' by Harvey S. Plourde. This book has a lot of great information concerning flying tailwheel airplanes. This is highly recommended reading for anyone serious about flying a tailwheel airplane. 

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