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Emergency maneuvering is training pilots of all levels should have. Unfortunately complacency during flight is all too common.  Modern day equipment has a high level of reliability, especially compared to the early decades of powered flight. In the old days pilots were usually ready for an emergency as equipment failed often. Now, pilots tend to not think much about failures due to much better reliability and many succumb to "normalcy bias" which is the expectation that their equipment will always work normally. Then when there is a malfunction, such as an engine failure, many pilots are not prepared to deal with the situation. ​


​Our emergency maneuvering course is designed to teach pilots to deal with multiple types of system emergencies  and emergency situations while maintaining control of the airplane and getting it safely on the ground. A strong emphasis is made on engine failures at low altitude.

$330 per hour in Super Decathlon plus $90 per hour ground

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