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Get high quality "simulator" training with SAW. Partnering with Acuity Aeroworks, we provide training in the Noble Flight Systems SR Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD) to fit your needs. We can provide training for such things as:

  • G1000 training

  • Glass cockpit / Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA)

  • Instrument currency

  • Instrument training (Up to 20 hours)

  • Time towards commercial rating (50 hours)

  • Time towards ATP (25 hours)

  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) (minus circling approach and landing)

  • Icing strategies (avoiding or dealing with inadvertent icing, etc.)

  • Emergencies training

  • Practice and improve communications skills

  • VFR maneuvers (stalls, turns, etc.)

Noble sim at hangar.png
Noble SR panel.png


Sim session (1 hr minimum)                                                                           $180

Dual instruction only - training is specific to your needs

Additional hours                                                                                            $180

This Noble SR AATD provides for a great simulation experience. The realism is excellent and training with a "simulator" allows one to concentrate on systems and procedures without the distractions of real flight. This also provides for economical, high-value training, especially when paired with SAW instructors who are not concerned about "time building", but are dedicated to providing excellent training. If you wish to get Cirrus specific training, we will defer you to Acuity Aeroworks for work with Clay, a Cirrus CSIP.


We are flexible and ready to help you with your flight training needs. Call us if you have any special requests at (541) 728-3620. OR email us at:


IPC Guidance

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