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Learn to safely fly aerobatics with Specialized Aero Works. Aerobatics is about precision, proper energy management and all-attitude awareness. As an aerobatic pilot you will gain a better understanding of airplane aerodynamics and control, especially with relation to Angle of Attack (AoA). Once a pilot has the proper training, they will be able to enjoy a lifetime of safe, yet thrilling, aerobatics. Aerobatic flying can always be improved on, which makes for a new and enjoyable challenge every time. Aerobatic training will make you a better pilot.

If you are not sure, and want to try out aerobatics, we can plan for an introductory flight so you can get a taste of aerobatics at your own pace. We are here for you!

Completion of a SAW UPRT course is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before starting aerobatic training.​

For more information on aerobatic training, see HERE ​

​Aerobatic training in Super Decathlon Cost (including instructor): $375 per hour

Aerobatic ground instruction: $110 per hour​

Training in customer's own airplane is $120 per hour


Interested in supporting and learning more about aerobatics, or possibly competing in aerobatics? 

Check out the International Aerobatic Club (IAC). Joining is inexpensive and highly recommended.

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Basic Aerobatics is a great book for those interested in getting started in aerobatics. There are other good books out there, but we like this one the most for beginning aerobatics.

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