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ACA Super Decathlon (8KCAB)​

The Super Decathlon is the gold standard for basic aerobatic airplanes. It is rated to +6/-5 G and is easy to fly. Our 2005 Super D has 180 horsepower with an inverted oil system and an inverted fuel header tank for up to 2 minutes of inverted flight at a time.​ The Super D is also an excellent tailwheel trainer. This airplane is quite versatile. Our Super D is a 2005 model with the higher max gross weight rating.


This rare bird is the last (and best) model of the Wilga produced. Currently there are only two flying Wilga 2000’s (PZL-104MA) in the U.S. We are the only company that offers Wilga flights in the U.S. The Wilga is big, different and also a lot of fun! A tailwheel endorsement is required to land the Wilga. 

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