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"Excellent ground school instruction with immediate practice. exceptional value in doing this..."

Jason L., Private Pilot and Super Decathlon owner

"Getting a CFI spin endorsement with SAW takes you far beyond the requirements of the FAA and what any regular flight school would provide. Experience gained around spin/upset prevention and recovery with SAW is invaluable and essential for any CFI candidate."

Anthony Flynn, CFI candidate

"Fantastic experience! It [tailwheel training] definitely made me a better pilot. Andrew was a great instructor. He was quick to identify and help me correct problems. This was a great way to learn tailwheel."
Ted Prier, Private Pilot

"UPRT with you has been the best stick and rudder training I’ve taken in at least the last 10 years… a real challenge/stretch for a flat lander Bonanza (and taildragger) pilot. ...I really enjoyed interspersing a little aerobatics with the UPRT.  Looking forward to a productive and fun flying relationship."
Grant H., ATP, CFI, CFII

"Very patient and understanding. Really helped [me] build confidence in my personal flying abilities."
Dan W., Private pilot

"This [UPRT] was the most valuable flight training I have received in 16 years of flying. Mike is a superb instructor dedicated to improving safety and saving lives in general aviation. I recommend the course [Enhanced UPRT]  for any pilot."
Andrew J., Commercial pilot

"Mike is an excellent instructor. He was always on time, prepared for flight, and provided superior instruction. His knowledge of this topic [UPRT] is phenomenal and his ability to explain the recovery steps left me leaving the training with a new ability to safely operate my aircraft. I will return for additional training, and highly recommend any aviator looking to push themselves out of their comfort zone and gain life saving skills, attend the training. I completed [Enhanced] UPRT, (five) flights, and the CFI spin endorsement training."
Brian S.,  Commercial pilot

"Best aviation training I have ever received. Every pilot should at least get upset recovery & spin awareness training. Mike is a great instructor and is good at explaining the concepts so that the common pilot can understand."
Quency H., Commercial pilot

"Excellent experience - My skillset improved drastically. I recommend this course [tailwheel] to every pilot!"

Todd P., C-182 & Super Cub owner

"[The] value of UPRT is obvious and [the] course is invaluable to the aviation community!! Excellent training."
Dr. Joe M., CFI

"Great materials sent beforehand on motion sickness and ground learning material. Loved the training. I have more confidence operating aircraft within limits and also now have confidence on how to recover when its upset."
Zohaib R., Private pilot

"This was a very educational and fun  experience! I feel I experienced as much or more growth in 13 hours with SAW as in the whole primary training. That's not to knock on anyone else, just an emphasis on the quality of instruction here. "
Sam B., CFI candidate 

"I was blown away by Mike's preparedness, professional attitude, and depth of knowledge. He was patient with my early airsickness issues, and by the end of the course I could not only recover from upsets, but perform basic aerobatics and inverted flight. Worth every penny. The training is well organized and comprehensive."
Jim F., Private pilot

"Excellent training! Jake was very professional yet provided training which was fun and easy to learn. Had a good time learning tailwheel skills."
Andrew R., Flight Instructor

"Not only did Mike exceed my expectations, he challenged me to be a better pilot. I am inspired to do more. A big plus was how much fun I had!"
Ken F., Private pilot

"Great training course. I feel it has greatly increased my understanding and preparedness for all attitude flying."
Isaac O., Commercial pilot

“EXCELLENT TRAINING! I am a low time pilot, this training [UPRT] not only increases my skill level but may also save my life some day "
Steve H., Starduster Pilot/Owner

"A+ all the way. Thank you Mike!!"
Nick S., RV-7 Pilot/owner 

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