At SAW, our UPRT is designed to train pilots to recover from a wide variety of situations throughout the entire attitude spectrum. Quick recovery from any recoverable in-fight upset situation is the goal and attainable with a few hours of instruction. With Loss Of Control – Inflight (LOC-I) being the number one cause of fatalities in airplanes and LOC-I mitigation a top priority for the FAA, NTSB, and others, SAW’s goal is to give you the skills and confidence you need to prevent and/or recover from any LOC-I incident.​


All Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), aerobatic and spin courses are done in SAW’s Super Decathlon. Flight profiles are listed below course descriptions (click on Learn More below). We may also be able to provide custom courses as needed. If you are looking for something different than what is listed here, give us a call.

Pilots in Training (PT) who successfully complete SAW courses earn a course completion certificate and a letter that describes the training received. This may be useful for those pilots seeking jobs and to provide a record of training. Some insurance companies provide a discount on premiums for completion of an UPRT course.


All of our UPRT courses are approved for FAA Wings program credits.

For more info on the FAA Wings program, see HERE.


UPRT Pro/CFI Course

For the individual who wants the highest level of initial training available. The 9 flights include 4 flights focused on UPRT, 3 flights of spin training, 1 upset recovery under instrument conditions flight, and 1 final training review flight. 15 hours of ground training included.

UPRT Enhanced Course

Gives the pilot UPRT training along with spin recovery training and instrument upset recovery training. Includes 11 hours of comprehensive ground training and 5 flights

UPRT Basic Course

A  basic introduction to UPRT, which includes training in stalls, spin prevention, low G, introduction to upset recovery techniques, and more. 7 hours of ground and 3 flights.

UPRT Instrument Recovery Add-On

 Learn to recover from all attitude upsets in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). Great for pilots with an instrument rating. Includes 1 hour of ground training and 1 flight.

Recurrent UPRT

All flying skills are perishable. SAW recommends recurrent training every 12-18 months to help ensure proficiency. Get 2 hours of ground and a 1-hour flight to review and sharpen your UPRT skills.

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