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Flight Testing

We offer flight testing and consulting services to experimental aircraft builders and pilots.

Call or email for details.

Mike after Epic LT first flight.jpg


Phase 1 testing, and beyond

Need an experienced test pilot to get your bird in the air? We can help. The first 8 hours of flight testing is statistically the most dangerous. Initial testing must be taken seriously. If you are not prepared for this, let us help. We can also help with testing modifications, and more.


We can provide consultation on test flying and aircraft builds. We have Mechanics with experimental aircraft build experience.


We can provide training relating to basic flight testing, and much more.

Our Experience

We have pilots who are experienced in experimental airplanes (Phase 1 flight including first flights and aerobatic testing), Research & Development for experimental and certified aircraft, Certification testing, Production Flight Testing (PFT), and more. Airplanes from tailwheel to medium sized jets.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Mike with RV-14 after first flights
Mike preparing for unpressurized high altitude flight
Mike with Evo during its Phase 1
Society of Experimental Test Pilot

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots

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