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Mike "Cuckoo" Kloch

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Mike is the CEO and Chief Instructor Pilot for SAW.

He is a Master CFI - Aerobatic (MCFI-A), a former Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot, combat veteran, and school trained Aviation Safety Officer (Naval Postgraduate School). Mike is a test pilot and instructor at Epic Aircraft, a two-time NAFI Master CFI/CFII/MEI and an FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Representative. Mike has a Bachelors of Science degree from Oregon State University and 2 AAS Aviation degrees from Central Oregon Community College. He is also Commercial and Instrument rated in helicopters with Night Vision Goggles qualifications. To learn more about Mike see his website at mikekloch.com.

Jake "Slide" Ruhl

Jake is a high time tailwheel pilot and backcountry enthusiast. He has been working in the field of fire aviation, performing aerial reconnaissance and air tactical flights on a Forest Service contract demanding part 135 operations requiring rigorous USFS oversight and continuously demonstrating high standards of performance. Jake earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2001. He has held multiple delegations as a FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER). With more than twenty years in the industry, he has gained extensive experience with fixed wing aircraft ownership, operations, maintenance, design, manufacturing, certification and project management.

Tony "Woody" Paradis

Tony is a former Air Force mechanic and an A&P with IA privileges. Tony learned to fly while serving and started working at airplane manufacturers as a maintainer, eventually working his way up to becoming an engineering and production flight test pilot. Tony worked at Eclipse Aircraft, Adam Aircraft, Dassault Falcon Jet and Mooney Aircraft and along the way he tried flying Boeing 767s for Omni Air International, but his passion for experimental flight testing brought him to Epic
Aircraft where he is currently the manager of production flight test. Tony is in his 9th and final year of building a Stolp Acroduster SA750 from the ground up and intends to compete acrobatically.

Travis "Hubble" Spaid 

Travis is a native Oregonian growing up in Bend. He attended Central Oregon Community College, Oregon State University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University culminating in a Bachelors degree in Professional Aeronautics with a Minor in Aviation Safety and an MBA. His flying adventures started in his late teens and took him across North America, equatorial Africa and eventually back in Bend.  Travis flew part 135 operations to austere backcountry locations in Africa for 2 years. In the past 20+ years of flying he has flow over 50 different types of aircraft working as a skydive pilot ,instructor, corporate pilot, and is currently an Epic Aircraft instructor and air ambulance captain.   

Garrick "Shrek" Rard

Naval Aviator wings.jpg

With 30 years of flying experience totaling over 8000 hours which includes Aerobatics, Part 121 Boeing 737s, Test Flying and the Marine Corps AV-8B.  Flying combat missions off of a ship on Night Vision Goggles is one of most challenging environments Shrek has flown.  

Garrick brings his years of experience of General, Commercial and Marine Corps Aviation to the team.  Naval Post Graduate School trained for Aviation Safety, Crew Resource Management and Mishap Investigation.  Shrek spent 6 years as a Safety and Standardization Officer and has  extensive experience teaching young Harrier pilots to fly tactically and dynamically.